Bookdeo is a platform to buy and sell books and educational material. We collect some data from you for the smooth operation of our services.

We are determined to protect your privacy while using our services, and thus it is vital you read this policy thoroughly before commencing your membership with us.

Our privacy policy describes how we handle and protect your data.

Also note, by signing up for the service, you accept that you are not a minor and are over 18 years old.



Over the course of you using our service, we may collect personal information related to you, to verify your identity.

This information includes the following:

Personal information used to identify/serve you, such as

1. Name
2. Age
3. Contact information – Email, phone number
4. Search data on our website
5. Information submitted while placing a listing. ( This includes the photos you submit)
6. Advertising specific identifiers, or a advertising identifier if you use an Apple device.
7. Your conversations on our website/ things you post on our social media pages
8.  Your data with any of our affiliated companies

Take note: we do not collect sensitive information like political opinions or affiliations, racial information, criminal records, or health information.

We may collect data from:

1. Directly from you in surveys.

  1. The registration information you provide when signing up for the service.

    3. Information you share while listing your product.

    4. Information you share with our affiliated companies

    5. From third-party sites where you have consented to your data being collected

    What is your data used for:

    1. To allow other users get into contact with you for trading items.
    2. To allow us to maintain proper business records.
    3. To conduct surveys that may relate to costumer experience or marketing.
    4. For employee training.
    5. For responding to questions/ complaints you or anyone may file relating to your account.
    6. To contact you with promotions or you winning a prize from a giveaway on our platform.
    7. To generate statistics for our service.
    8. To assist regulatory/ compliance authorities and the police if required.

    Where my information is shared:

    1. Employees for our company, or the employees of other affiliated businesses
    2. Any member of the public who chooses to contact you for the exchange of items.
    3. Individuals or organizations who use our services to exchange their own items, or advertise products on the platform.
    4. Outsourced companies who are essential to the operation of the service.
    5. When your information is shared with any other organisations, we will do our best to ensure they are compliant with the Privacy act and APPs.
    6. With regulatory/ compliance authorities and the police if required.










How do I update my information?

It of utmost importance that your information is up-to-date so as to ensure the smooth use of the platform. You may update your information at any time via your account. Please ensure the information is correct.

Also keep in mind, we may remove your information if it is no longer required to the operation of the service.


How is my information protected?

While we make every effort to store all information electronically, we may record some information on a hard copy. This information is usually transferred to a electronic medium as soon as it is feasible.

Is my information used/sent outside of Australia?

Your information may be stored and/or processed on servers outside Australia. By using the service, you agree to your information to be sent outside Australia.



What if I do not wish to provide personal information?


If you do not opt to provide personal information, we may be unable to grant you access to our full range of services.

Is my location collected?

Your location is collected when you sign up for our service. It is also used to provide services like radius search and how far a product is from you.


Does this policy change?

This policy will evolve over time, and all changes will be reflected on this page.