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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a transaction is very simple using our platform. Here are a few common questions, sorted by topic.

If you have another question, you may email us via our contact us page. 

If you feel we should add something to this page, you can contact us with your suggestion. 

We are always looking to improve:)

How To Buy A Product?

Buying a product is very simple. All you need to do is to sign up for our website, find the book you want, and contact the seller. There, you can negotiate the price and the pick up details. 

How To Get Product information?

You may refer to your educational institutes requirements while purchasing a book. You may also look up the book on the internet, or ask the seller to post a picture of the index.

How to sell a product?

Selling a product is very simple.

You may check our pricing guide or check other listings and decide a price. You will then take a picture of the book, and upload this and relevant information to the website, and then a buyer will message you. You can then discuss the terms of the transaction with them.Please ensure to provide accurate information to causing confusion or inconvenience to any party involved.

How To Get Product Information?

Listing your book as the right book is very important. You should check the details online, compare the cover images, and most importantly, verify the ISBN number. (We are working to add this into our system when listing your book)

How To Get Product Support?

Please make sure you only commit to purchasing what you are looking for. Only contact the seller after you have established this is the product you are after, as the seller is not obliged to refund your money.

As mentioned before, a quick search on the internet can yield many results about a book, and you may message the seller for any questions.

Tip: For school books, buy from a seller from the same school if possible.

Copyright information:

Bookdeo does not own any of the books or material listed on the site. The items listed for sale are owned by the individuals listing them, and bookdeo does not own/lay claim any material in/on the books.

You assume complete responsibility for anything you post/ buy or sell.

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